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10 Things That Can & Can’t Be Stored Inside A Self-Storage Unit

Self-Storage Unit

Self-storage units can help you store items of almost any kind. Self-storage units are incredibly convenient and accessible if you don’t have a place to store products. These can be used for personal, and business uses. If you are someone who has a bunch of excess items lying around your house or if you have a business where you sell a bunch of products, you can store all of these in your self-storage unit. 

This helps free up space and keep your items in well-organized and good condition. However, You can’t just store any item in these storage units. If you store an item that is not suitable for self-storage units in one of the units, it may get spoiled. For example, if you keep things that we can only store in the fridge in a self-storage unit, it will not sustain. 


However, there are also a few items that you can store inside storage units. These are items that are suitable and fit under the conditions of the self-storage units. You can divide every product into different categories. According to these categories, you can decide whether your product is suitable for self-storage units or not. 

Though the self-storage units try to customize your unit and make them appropriate for storing your products, you can’t store all of them in these. Keep reading the article if you plan to store your products in a self-storage unit and do not know whether they are appropriate. Here are 10 things that can and can’t be stored in a cell storage unit: 

10 Things You Can Store inside a Self-Storage Unit:

  • Artwork 
  • Wine
  • Sports equipment 
  • Furniture 
  • Electronics 
  • Seasonal items
  • Musical instruments
  • Appliances
  • Books
  • Boxes

These are ten things that you can store in a self-storage unit. However, it would help if you considered certain conditions when storing them. For example, if you keep the wine in your self-storage units, you need to pack them in a manner that will sustain you for a long time in these units. To ensure that your wine’s temperature is being stored is suitable for it, you can also ask the self-storage unit facilities to customize your unit. In this manner, you can do the same for all other products.

You should pack products like furniture safely so they won’t get damaged while loading or unloading. If there is any glass product, you can wrap it in a sponge so that it does not break. You need to make sure that you bubble wrap all your products and carefully put them in boxes with sealed packaging. This will help to prevent any product from falling out or breaking.

For electronic products, you can store them in airtight containers. This is so that you can avoid rust from forming on the metal of these. Different products similarly have different conditions that they need to be stored under. You can ask the officials or the staff members in the self-storage unit warehouses to help you out.

 In this manner, you will get to store all of your products in the best way possible. Keeping them in self-storage units would be the best decision if you ever have many boxes. These products are safe to store in self-storage units and will stay intact. Most of these products are also prominent in size and can utilize the space of these storage units to their full potential. 

10 Things You Can’t Store inside a Self-Storage Unit:

  • Food
  • explosive materials 
  • weapons
  • Money
  • jewelry
  • Flammable objects
  • Stolen objects
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Chemicals

These were 10 things that you cannot store in a self-storage unit. The reason behind this is pretty apparent. These items are hazardous and are not suitable for the conditions in the self-storage unit. You cannot store any dangerous or explosive items inside a storage unit as they can set fire or harm to the whole place. 

These items are also hazardous and can lead to a lot of damage. It is not preferred to store chemicals inside storage units as any mishap can lead to a harmful chemical reaction. Chemical reactions may also affect the people around the area and all other products. Similarly, you should not keep valuable items like jewelry and money inside storage units. This is because there’s always a risk of someone stealing them.

Animals and plants cannot be locked in a unit as they may die inside. Food can also get spoiled within a few days and produce odor. Therefore, you cannot store it in self-storage units. Storing weapons even in the safest self-storage units can lead to explosions and property harm. 

Final Words

In conclusion, you need to make sure that you examine all of the products that you are putting in your self-storage units. It would help if you made sure that none of them could cause any harm to the place or the people around it. There are also various catalogs that the officials at the self-storage facilities will provide you at this place. 

All the information about the products that can and can’t be stored is given in these catalogs. We advise that you thoroughly go through all of their rules and conditions before storing. This is highly important to avoid any inconvenience for you or any damage to your products.