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10 Animal Facts To Brighten Your Day

10 Animal Facts To Brighten Your Day

Plants fill our lives with healing properties. Animals are likewise incredible and endearing. Some of their behavior and mannerisms are nothing short of browsing an encyclopedia. How many of us know that the number of bones in a giraffe’s neck is the same as a human? Or that a jaguar can see in the dark six times better than a human.

Indeed, the animal kingdom makes us appreciate the peculiarities and diversities of life. The animal species is so vast that you may need plenty of free time and resources to know what makes them unique in their living, interaction, and reproduction habits. Here are ten quirky random facts to lift your stress, brighten your day and build your curiosity about animals. Read and share with your family, friends, and social network. 

  1. When A Baby Elephant Is Born, Mother Elephants Loudly Trumpet

The birth of a baby gives immense joy to the parents. Elephants adopt unique techniques when sharing the birth of a baby elephant in their social clan. Other elephant mothers usually trumpet to announce the baby elephant’s arrival.

Female elephants like to stay in close family groups in their life span, whereas the males leave the group to mate. It’s interesting to know how animal facts can make people smile. If someone wants to know more, they can do it by clicking on Animal Facts.

  1. Dogs Can Predict Your Home Arrival Time By Your Leftover Scent

Image Source: Freepik

Dogs have incredible smelling power, but they can also guess your return time accurately. If you follow a daily routine, your furry friend may loiter around the door entrance or look out the window right before your expected time. Dogs can smell how much your fragrance has weakened in your absence. Check out this habit in your home canine the next time you leave for work. 

  1. Dolphin Mamas Sing To Their Womb Babies

As per a study at the University of Southern Mississippi, dolphin mothers sing their names to their unborn babies in the womb. The signature whistles are sounds made by individual dolphins for identification. After their birth, the calves develop their signature whistles, but in the first few weeks postpartum, mother dolphins teach their offspring their signature sound.

  1. Goats Have Bleating Accents 

Image Source: Freepik

Goats’ voices change as they shift to different environments and social surroundings. They don’t have any specific language but pick up bleating accents from one another, according to a new study from Queen Mary University in London. Young goats learn bleating accents when they socialize with other young goats. 

  1. Red Pandas Use Their Tails As Winter Blankets

Image Source: Pexels

Red pandas live in bitterly cold climates. So, they use their long fluffy tails and fur-covered soles to keep themselves warm. Pandas wrap their tails around themselves to serve as a blanket and a pillow. This helps red pandas reduce their metabolic demands and lessen their core temperature and respiratory rate for energy conservation.

  1. Bumble Bees Sleep Off In Flowers After Drinking Nectar

Bees sleep inside a deep flower after sipping nectar. The bumble bees’ sleep patterns change as they grow up. A bee species called Diadasia diminuta loves sleeping in the orange flowers of the Globe Mallow plant. It’s so cute!

  1. Squirrels Plant Thousands Of Trees Worldwide

Image Source: Pexels

Squirrels and their nutty antics help plant millions of trees. Their “scatter hoarding” approach to food helps them bury the nuts an inch beneath the surface. Their loss becomes nature’s gain. The seeds they lose are carried furthest away, which means they stand a chance to survive and thrive on the ground. That’s how they help plant new tree species and keep our planet breathable.  

  1. An Octopus Has Nine Brains And Three Hearts

Our dark oceans have millions of mysteries in underwater sea creatures. The scary octopus not only has eight arms to grip you but nine brains, three hearts, and blue blood. Hence, magnificent and extraordinary. An octopus also conceals itself for self-protection and releases toxic ink when alarmed. Isn’t it fascinating?

  1. Male Seahorses Get Pregnant And Give Birth

It sounds crazy, but it is true. Seahorses are unusual in the entire animal kingdom. They can carry up to 2,000 babies in a pouch on their tails. While the male seahorse is bearing the young, the female can prepare more eggs for the species to grow. Seahorses don’t have periods like the way humans have.

  1. Adult Penguins Propose To Each Other With Pebbles

While humans propose to each other by exchanging a ring or rose, penguins exchange a pebble for conveying their feelings and lifelong commitment to each other. During the courtship phase, a male penguin will gift the female penguin the smoothest pebble as a gift. Isn’t it deep love?

The Bottom Line

Much of this biological trivia gets lost in our busy lives and schedules. When you feel bored or depressed, check out more such animal facts to get familiar with the unseen, unheard tales of animal life.